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Are you an expat living in UAE  and you decided to move back to your home country. Now you are thinking about sending your personal belongings to back home. There are so many questions and issues you have to consider. Some of them you didn't even know that or else even if you are experienced in moving between countries, as you know customs laws are keep on changing as per the market needs. So you need an expert moving company that understand the factors to move to that destination. We Top Global Movers assure our expert service in Moving internationally. Depends upon your volume of the item we shall offer you best option for your transportation needs in order to save your money and time.

Packing for International move need to be extra care full, we have an expert team of packers they know very well how to pack the items for an international move. There are two things to consider for packing one is safety, compare to a local move in international your goods is loading and unloading many times before reaching final destination. So in order to assure the safety we use finest quality packing material in all aspects, such as bubble foam, thermocol, corrugated sheet, fragile sticker…etc. The second is save the space, our guys are expert in international moving, they understand the fact that if the volume weight is increased it can damage your financial budget as well. We put all the items carefully labeling in order to identify your package in the destination. Once the shipment arrives at the destination, our accredited partners will complete the paperwork, clear through customs, and deliver to your residence with the promised care and professionalism.


First thing you have to decide is it worth to export the stuff for you or rather buying in the destination it self. Most of the time you bought all your furniture and home appliance very costly but if you try to sell as second hand it doesn't worth anything. More over if you try to replace all in your home country you have to spend the same or even more.


You have to consider the fact that how long you are going to be outside of the country. The amount of goods that you have to carry is always depends upon the duration that you are going to spend in the destination.


Also, many electronics will not work in a foreign country without adapters and converters and some television formats differ across countries. (For example, the Netherlands is on the PAL format while its neighbor France is on SECAM).

There are a number of things that should not be shipped with your mover. Such as jewellery, perishable goods, plants, seeds, and dirt, important documents such as visas and financial records, alcohol, hazardous materials etc.

Do your home work before moving day. Whichever you choose, you need to think about just what you want to take with you. Walk through your home with a notepad, noting what items you want to ship, store, sell, or donate to charity. This will be a useful exercise for when the movers come as well, since you’ll already know what you want to ship.


Call us for a home survey to generate a quotation. Rather than telephonic survey if we can see your items physically we will be having a better idea about the quantity of the items, kind of staffs that we need to bring, amount of packing material required, type of truck required. In a simple way to say, if we plan well, we will act well, when we act well, we will get the desired result.